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Quick Hints On How To Write A Research Paper In Geography

It’s not a secret that geography is one of the most interesting subjects as it studies the Earth and everything that is connected to it. But writing a research paper in geography can be really challenging because you have to present valid and recent information on a given topic.

Useful Tips for Students

  • Choose the right topic.
  • The topic is the first thing that the reader finds about your work. Make sure that it’s catchy, interesting, and up-to-date. The possible topics are Academic geography, Physical geography, History of cartography, and so on.

  • Gather the necessary information.
  • Pay attention to the searching of the information. You need only solid, recent, and accurate statistics for your project. This means that you should try to avoid your personal thoughts and opinions. For example, if the topic of your work is climate change, gather the information about the major factors that influences it from different specialists.

  • Look through the ready papers.
  • You can check other samples in the library of your university or look through different academic websites. It can help you avoid many mistakes in the future.

  • Ask for help.
  • You can always ask your supervisor or teacher for some help if you have any questions. He or she definitely knows the different fields in geography better.

The Structure of the Geography Project

The exact structure of the project may vary in different universities but the main parts of it are:

  • Introduction.
  • The introduction is supposed to give your reader the information about the argument of your geographical project and the importance of the chosen topic. Pay enough attention to the beginning of your work and make sure that it’s interesting and catchy.

  • Body.
  • In the body of your work you usually present the data and evidence from different specialists. It needs to be clear, logical, and solid. Remember that your project should have a direct connection to geography so use the information from your course to show that you fully understand the material. A map at the end of the work isn’t enough.

  • Conclusion.
  • The final part of your project should state the clear conclusions that you have made during your work. You need to be sure that the materials that you have used are verified. Geographical TV series are a good source, but for general information, not a university program.

Writing a research paper in geography can be very interesting, both for the writer and the reader, as there are so many things and facts about the planet we live in.